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EMI Collection Software Powerful Features

EMI Collection Software has been developed for staff and agents of a financial institution to track EMIs of their customers hassle free. It has been developed as mobile version also making it possible for agents to make updations from clients place or anywhere. This brings about transparency in transaction and financial institutions can use their resources efficiently. There is a module through which Financial institutions can calculate the rewards for agents.

Benefits of EMI Collection Software

  • Agents can handle complete process on field.
  • Completely paperless work saving the cost of stationary.
  • Transparent process increases trust among clients.

Features of EMI Collection Pro Software

  • EMI Collection software is available with both Fixed and Non Fixed features.
  • Types of collection available in this software are EMI Collection Daily, weekly, Fortnightly or Bi-weekly, Monthly, Yearly type.
  • Agent wise suspense accounts and Individual Depositor’s Accounts can be maintained.
  • Collection Sheets can be manually entered or data can be directly received from Terminals.
  • Periodic Calculation of Agents’ commission, interest to depositors can be calculated.
  • Interest Payable Provision can be generated through the software.

Benefits of “EMI Collection Pro Software”

  • EMI Collectionagents can use one mobile phone for making calls & EMI Collection collection.
  • Entry of receipt immediately gets recorded in the server.
  • One mobile can be used for accepting EMI Collection & other kind of deposits as well.
  • EMI Collection payments get recorded in the server in real time hence ensuring the transparency of the system.
  • There is no need to worry about losing recorded data of EMI Collection payments in case of losing mobile phone.
  • The data is being recorded in the server in real time at the time of saving the entry by the agent.

EMI Collection Pro Software Useful for

  • Financial Institutions who want EMI CollectionCollection with Mobile Application.
  • EMI Collection Collection Solution is useful for all financial Institutions like Chit Fund Companies,NBFC Companies, Co- Operative Banks,micro finance institutions.
  • EMI Collection Collection Solution is also useful for school & college for Fees Collection.
  • EMI Collection Collection Solution is useful for insurance companies to collect installments, sending reminders etc.

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