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Pigmy Collection Software

Pigmy Collection, as the name suggests is small amount collection of savings, itis one of the traditional method of saving, which is provided by all financial institution . Pigmy Software is modern management system to keep a systematic account of this type of collection. This software is outcome of a blend of innovative ideas and experiences of both accomplished software engineers and sincere hardworking users. This software has a mobile Pigmy Collection System for managing the data of pigmy receipts. It is user-friendly and easy to use software, available on your mobile phone . Like all software this software saves time which might be taken up if the process of collection and deposition is done manually.

Features of Pigmy Pro Software

  • Pigmy software is available with both Fixed and Non Fixed features.
  • Types of collection available in this software are Pigmy Daily, weekly, Fortnightly or Bi-weekly, Monthly, Yearly type.
  • Agent wise suspense accounts and Individual Depositor’s Accounts can be maintained.
  • Collection Sheets can be manually entered or data can be directly received from Terminals.
  • Periodic Calculation of Agents’ commission, interest to depositors can be calculated.
  • Interest Payable Provision can be generated through the software.

Benefits of “Pigmy Pro Software”

  • Pigmy agents can use one mobile phone for making calls & pigmy collection.
  • Entry of receipt immediately gets recorded in the server.
  • One mobile can be used for accepting pigmy & other kind of deposits as well.
  • Pigmy payments get recorded in the server in real time hence ensuring the transparency of the system.
  • There is no need to worry about losing recorded data of pigmy payments in case of losing mobile phone.
  • The data is being recorded in the server in real time at the time of saving the entry by the agent.

Pigmy Pro Software Useful for

  • Financial Institutions who want Pigmy Collection with Mobile Application.
  • Pigmy Collection Solution is useful for all financial Institutions like Chit Fund Companies,NBFC Companies, Co- Operative Banks,micro finance institutions.

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