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Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. introduces PIGMY PRO, a software package of 4 software solutions which are useful in our daily life. The package has been targeted towards common man to make his life easy and hassle free.

Pigmy Collection

Pigmy Collection, as the name suggests is small amount collection of savings, itis one of the traditional method of saving, which is provided by all financial institution . Pigmy Software is modern management system to keep a systematic account of this type of collection.

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Daily Collection

Daily Collection Software has same features like Pigmy Collection Software. It saves time and labour which is consumed when collection , deposition and management is done manually. This saved time and man-power can be used for business promotion and other creative works resulting in more business opportunities. This software has easy transaction method, for example the carry forward method. Also this software uses reminder method by automated SMS and email methods. There is a facility of reports like, Balance sheets, Profit and loss, daily collection, auction list, charges collected, agent charges, professional charges and many other fees and discounts.

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EMI Collection

EMI Collection Software has been developed for staff and agents of a financial institution to track EMIs of their customers hassle free. It has been developed as mobile version also making it possible for agents to make updations from clients place or anywhere. This brings about transparency in transaction and financial institutions can use their resources efficiently.

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E-Collections software is a customized software targeted on day-to-day small transactions of households or institutions like school, hospitals, offices etc. Its main motive is to make transactions cashless and hassle less. All the invoices of however small amount may be added to the account and payment can be done on time. For example the monthly payments of Grocery, Milk, Green Grocery, LPG, Newspaper etc. can be made by month end through e-collection software.

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